ZTE smartphone with Windows Phone and 5.9 – inch display with a resolution of 1080 pixels

8 Nov







 ZTE smartphone with Windows Phone and 5.9 "display with 1080p resolution

In popular Chinese social networking site Weibo appeared interesting images smartphone with Windows Phone. They come from one of the bosses at ZTE and show the back of the smartphone in black and white with the mobile operating system from Microsoft. With staff coming and interesting model for further details. According to them, the diagonal measurement of the screen of the device is 5.9 “, which could easily make it part of a new wave of hybrids between smartphones and tablets, which was popularized by the Samsung Galaxy Note. Addition, it states that it will add support for audio technology DTS, but the screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. latter is interesting because Windows Phone does not officially support such a resolution, and the maximum is 720p. turns out that the core of Windows Phone 8 is capable of working with such screen sizes and activation of compatibility is not difficult. If the information is correct for the phone, the ZTE , seems to have made ​​the necessary code changes


More news on the blog: http://smartphones.bg/


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