China’s ranking of smartphone brands Apple out of the Top 5

9 Nov


Apple came out of the Top 5 manufacturers of smartphones in China In the first quarter of this year, Apple was in second place at the prestigious manufacturers of smartphones in China, the second went to the fifth, and the third is no longer present in the top five, according to the analysts Canalys. The reason for this is the growth in sales of cheap smartphones from local producers, but Samsung retained the top spot with 14 percent of the market. In second place with 13% Lenovo . The biggest surprise in the quarter due to the Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific, which ranked third. sells under the brand Coolpad devices and is relatively unknown outside China. According to Canalys success is due to their partnerships with operators China Telecom and China Mobile, which together have 850 million subscribers. The next are ranked ZTE and Huawei , as each of the three companies have about 10 percent of the Chinese market. On 6 th place is Apple share of around 8% 9% in the previous quarter. During the country were shipped over 50 million smartphones, the most sought after models are priced between 70 and 120 dollars.


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