Free application that corrects blurry images

12 Nov




Original photo shot that is smeared due to poor focus can be adjusted to a much clearer image. Photographer: Victor Yuzhnikov

Russian Vladimir Yuzhnikov programmer develops innovative software that corrects blurry photos taken with digital cameras. He even distributed the application for free at their official blog. Yuzhnikov software says SmartDeblur. The programmer told the online edition of Gizmodo, that specialists working on solving this problem for nearly 70 years. Their work is just beginning to bear fruit, he said. His software is optimized to work with blurry images caused by movement or poor focus. These are two of the most difficult problems to solve, added Yuzhnikov. course, SmartDeblur can not make crystal clear footage. At least not at this stage. However, the program achieved impressive results with photos that no other software can not correct even minimal, he said. blur in the frame details are not lost. Information is redistributed according to certain rules and can be reconstructed with some compromises, he said. This makes the application that “discovered” parts and restoring them as far as possible. Theoretically achievable crystal clarify the picture, but there are many more years of work until this is accomplished. Application can be downloaded from the official blog of Yuzhnikov. He posted the smallest details of how SmartDeblur handle frames. He will not abandon and willing to help in the improvement of technology.


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