Will there be a next year iPhone 5S?

12 Nov

iPhone 5 is on the market for several months, but is already talking about his successor. Chinese edition of China Times, citing anonymous sources, published data showing that Apple will unveil a new smartphone named iPhone 5S early next year. hearing if it appears correct, then we should expect a smartphone with the same design as the iPhone 5, but less changes in internal components, such as increased speed and performance. Such at least was the logic model iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S – heirs of iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. China Times does not stop there. According to them, in addition to a new smartphone, the company will introduce a new iPad, and television service called iTV. The site revealed that the iTV does not mean a new TV product or just an updated version of the set top receiver Apple TV. course, at this stage better to accept information only as speculation. Apple surely will deny they have no policy to disclose anything until the time of submission.

Find more: www.kaldata.com

View more news in the blog: http://blog.smartphones.bg


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