Smartphone Meizu MX2

19 Nov


After less than two weeks, on November 27, the Chinese capital Beijing will consist Academical smartphone Meizu MX2. Invitations sent by the company seem quite unusual. The press received a clear plastic panels form the new phone and boxes of paper, similar to the smartphone pack.

The calls stated only the date of the event. So far, information about new products remains extremely scarce. Meizu MX2 is expected to be equipped with a larger screen than those of his predecessors – dual-core and quad-core Meizu MX Meizu MX Quad-core.

Judging appeared in the web image resolution smartphone screen is 1280 x 800 pixels, and diagonal display, reportedly ranging between 4.57 “and 4.8 inches. The ratio of the sides is likely to be 16:10. Unlike previous models, touch controls are located on the smartphone screen rather than below the display. The phone is equipped with two speakers.

The new product of the Chinese company and its predecessors, running the Flyme OS based on Android. It is quite possible Meizu MX2 be supplied with the new version of the platform Flyme OS 2.0 based on Android 4.1.

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