Sony Mobile is number one according to XDA Developers

29 Nov


XDA Developers chose Sony Mobile Manufacturer of the Year Forums XDA Developers site are a popular place for anyone looking for a way to improve the performance of your phone or tablet with Android or Windows Phone, and is not afraid to install its new software developed by experienced enthusiasts. Portal announced the name of the company that received the title of producer of the year, but this is not Samsung, if you thought so because of the big sale in models such as Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. title of XDA Developers get Sony Mobile and reasons for this are numerous. The site said that the fall of last year the company had a cool attitude towards developers of unofficial software phone with her ​​were locked bootloader, and updates to new versions of Android were more or less delayed. situation, however, changed in September in 2011, when the company released a statement that they will now support independent developers Android , but after running the Sony Xperia S at the beginning of this year provide guidance to unlock the bootloader software and even released the kernel source code of the device along with instructions for its use. From XDA Developers said that no other manufacturer has ever done that. More about the actions of Sony Mobile, led to the recognition that you can see here: oem-of-the-year from: 




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