Feature smartphone Lenovo IdeaPhone A586

3 Dec


Voice control devices – this is not a phenomenon but a reality. A similar feature exists in many mobile devices, but they can not recognize the voice that commanded them. However, among the smartphones available, capable of distinguishing the voice of its owner – it’s Chinese new monoblock Lenovo IdeaPhone A586. device owner can set it so that the touch screen can be unlocked only by the sound of his voice. This technology is provided by the company Baidu, which it developed independently in its own research center. In work also helped professionals Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research. Lenovo IdeaPhone A586 smartphone is designed for the Chinese domestic market, but can be ordered online for delivery to other countries. Sales start on December 12 but data on price yet.

The list of features of the model include 512 MB ​​RAM, 4 GB of flash memory and a dual core processor with a frequency of 1,2 GHz company Qualcomm. The presence of these components implies a low cost device. The front panel is occupied by a smartphone with a diagonal 4.5 inches and a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, along which is located the front VGA-camera. The main camera records Full HD-video and makes the 5-megapixel photos. It is secured with flash and autofocus, so the quality of the received content is reasonably good. smartphone itself is absolutely classic hull design and has a thickness of 10 mm. IdeaPhone A586 running the operating system Google Android 4.0.


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