LG Electronics mobile processors with their own

4 Dec



 Korean company LG Electronics plans to begin producing their own mobile processors to its embedded into smartphones and tablets. Currently, most developers of portable devices use standardized mobile processors manufactured eg Qualcomm, Nvidia or Intel. However, companies such as Samsung and Apple have abandoned this practice and began using their own chip production. For companies with large scale such a strategy is justified because in this way alone can the company plans to manufacture the processor for a particular device differs from the general trend in the industry. Obviously, the creation of its own processors means additional costs for developers and it is significant in the long run, such a system is nevertheless profitable, provided that there is a large volume of sales of the devices. As reported newspaper The Korea Times, the first “home” processor company LG will be presented soon of the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, which will be held in January in Las Vegas, USA. Representatives from LG confirmed launch own production of chips in an interview. The Korea Times notes that, unlike Samsung, the production of chips by LG Electronics can be called 100% independent since the company does not have own factory and will have the example of Apple, to hire facilities from Taiwan TSMC. It is now known that the first come down the assembly line processors H13, created a 28-nanometer process technology. They are primarily intended for use in smartphones and tablets, but after some adaptation can be embedded in “smart” TVs with internet connection.


From: www.kaldata.com

More news blog: http://smartphones. bg /


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