Premium Suite for Galaxy S III

10 Dec



Samsung Galaxy S III gets Premium Suite with additives

Samsung has started to distribute updates to Android 4.1.2 for the international version of the smartphone Galaxy S III , which come and additions together on behalf Premium Suite. Among them there are options that were previously available only to users Galaxy Note II, as a function of split screen and use both of the two applications. The update is now available for users in Poland, India, England, France, Sweden, Italy, Taiwan, Algeria and Sri Lanka. Improvements are divided into two groups. The first is related to functions depending on context, such as known from Galaxy Note II Page Buddy, which activates various applications according to user actions. For example, if you connect headphones, the music player will open automatically. ‘s Contextual menu allows users to see the top of the list, the most frequently used applications, and contextual tagging lets you add information about time, date and place of the images captured by the camera. improvements included in the group feature split-screen option for activate the special reading for viewing Web pages, automatically sharing images with other devices with NFC pairing with the option to display updates from Facebook on the lock screen.


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