According to Forbes, Nokia may abandon the production of smartphones

3 Jan



nokia9.jpgIt’s no secret that Nokia company experiencing increasing difficulties. According to some analysts, the new 2013 will be a complete failure for the manufacturer. All efforts to regain Finnish former glory as the largest manufacturer of phones have remained futile. In this endeavor could not help even the flagship Lumia 920, which the company hoped. According to the forecast of the prestigious economic magazine Forbes, in 2013, the mobile industry will be a series of events happen, and one of the most important of them may become Nokia’s withdrawal from the market of smartphones. “huge shock for many will be the withdrawal of Nokia of the smartphone market. Following the sale of its mobile units the company will focus on software and services. key players who will compete for the business of Nokia, Microsoft, and are Huawei. Following division engaged in the production of smartphones will become owned by Microsoft, and the rest of the company’s telecommunications business (base stations, communications standards, patents, etc.) will pass into the hands of Huawei “, writes the magazine. Regardless of the biggest losses in recent quarters, there are no clear signals that Nokia intends to sell its mobile business. Therefore, the forecast of analysts Forbes raises doubt.

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