Smartphones with Ubuntu OS

3 Jan





Ubuntu will power and Smartphones in 2014

Canonical told us that today will surprise us with news about Ubuntu and the company did not betray his promise. The big news is that in the beginning of 2014 will show the first mobile phone with the new version of Ubuntu . Like Android, it will use the Linux kernel drivers for the existing platform, but will rely on the Java Virtual Machine implementation of applications, which the company says will allow to exploit the full processing power of the phone. platform will support ARM and x86 processors with minimal changes will be compatible with current phones with Android. The first part of the strategy to build a new eco system will be Ubuntu for Android, which was introduced a year ago. The first phone designed specifically for the new platform expected early next year, but over the next few weeks (probably during the Mobile World Congress in late February) will be provided version Galaxy Nexus, which can be tested by any enthusiast. says company that its efforts will focus on two classes of devices – smartphones supertelefonite and budget and will try to help operators to increase mobile bandwidth consumed by data users. The platform will rely on gestures performed across all the screens that will be used to switch between applications and finding content. I will attend another function for global search option for voice and text commands compatibility with native and HTML5 apps and interesting possibilities for customization.


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