Windows Phone users with no access to Google Maps

9 Jan





Block Google and Google Maps for Windows Phone

The site found that users of Windows Phone are denied access to Google Maps. In recent days, a user attempts to go to in browser platform phones lead to failure, and these users are redirected to whether browser is a mobile phone or desktop mode . Users found that restriction is imposed targeted by Google and covers only smartphones with Windows Phone . Changing the User Agent parameter browser eg filtering off and makes it available again. foreclosure Maps is another incident in the undeclared war that Google leads the operating system of Microsoft . As we have noted, Google has officially announced that it plans to make apps for competing operating systems, and on January 30 the users of Windows Phone will be denied access to Gmail AciveSync and can not sync calendar and contacts with service on Google . In the last days scandal broke even and odd YouTube Policies Google to competition in the use of video-sharing site. Since Google announced that the web version of Google Maps is optimized for browsers based on WebKit as Chrome and Safari, and Internet Explorer as not the case, devices with Windows Phone may not have access to the service. This is not entirely true, and Microsoft were quick to point out that the mobile browser on Windows Phone 8 uses the same rendering technology as Internet Explorer in Windows 8. This suggests that Google explicitly blocked access to the service and the reason for this lies not only in the browser. Meanwhile, Google began to realize his mistake especially since scandal fanned himself and the company is the bad side. A spokesman for the Internet giant told The Next Web, the diversion of users of Windows Phone 8 to the main page of the Internet search engine will soon be discontinued. According to the company IE in WP7 not imagined well enough and that was the reason for the activation of redirection. Similar measures have been taken to other browsers such as Opera for iPad. After improvements in application performance Google is working to eliminate


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