Apple iPhone 5 is the product of the year

16 Jan



Time magazine up its annual ranking of the best hi-tech devices. It includes 10 products, which, according to the newspaper, the most memorable in the past year. First place in the rankings has taken Apple iPhone 5.

The description of the iPhone 5 version of Time mentions his main rival – Galaxy S III (which, however, does not fall in the top 10), but believes that “when it comes to the combination of design, performance and software, Apple’s smartphone ever has no equal. “

Hardly magazine can be accused of bias towards American company – in the top 10 did not make it into tablets of Apple – iPad 4 and iPad mini. The fact is that all devices are evaluated by both Time on many criteria. So does 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display has received the sixth position. At ten best drives comes just one product of Samsung – Galaxy Note II, occupying eighth place. The rankings, compiled by Time, attend more tablet Microsoft Surface RT, and innovative camera Lytro camera Sony Cyber-Shot RX100


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