At CES 2013 Huawei reveals future plans

16 Jan



E at CES 2013 coming to an end and manufacturers of mobile devices have started to prepare for the next major event for them – the February MWC. Head of the Consumer Electronics division of Huawei, Richard Yu, an interview with Engadget, which talked about the future plans of the company.

First, Huawei does not want to lag behind in terms of Samsung Exynos 5 and Octa plans to launch a powerful quad-core chip own work. This should be done in the second half of 2013, he will be upgraded chipset HiSilicon K3V3, built architecture Cortex-A15, the production of which will take TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). Secondly, Huawei will not be limited announcements by the two flagship Android-smartphone (Ascend D2 and Ascend Mate) during the first half of the year. As revealed Richard Yu, the company will complete its line Ascend P with new ultrathin device. It will be presented at MWC 2013 and, according to top managers of Huawei, will be the thinnest smartphone in the world, ahead of 6.45-mm Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra. On the technical characteristics Richard Yu did not specify anything in particular, just reported that the new model will have a metal casing.

Earlier, in another interview, Richard Yu said Huawei’s smartphones are the best in the world and Samsung criticized for using cheap plastic and Apple – a lack of innovation.


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