BlackBerry smartphones in 2013

16 Jan


Ve known that since the official launch of its new mobile platform 10 BlackBerry, Research in Motion will release two smartphones – a company with a traditional design, including a QWERTY keyboard, and the second – with a touchscreen. It seems, however, RIM’s plans are ambitious. The Director of the marketing department of the company said recently that by the end of the year will be released at least six smartphone with BB10. Bulba Frank noted that each of the six models will be designed for different segments of the mobile market. Overall, otherwise the company will seek to make its new smartphones available anywhere. So far, 150 mobile operators worldwide test operating system and RIM signed “exclusivity agreement” with any of them. This means that the same smartphone will be distributed in the network of various mobile operators for their greater accessibility. affordable addition, RIM wanted to make a new platform and interesting enough to distract users from the competition. Tool in this endeavor will be mobile applications compatible with BB10, that if the company promise you will be more than 70,000.

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