Bulsatcom the new mobile operator

16 Jan


Company “Bulsatcom” get a GSM operator license by the Commission for Communications Regulation Commission (CRC). Meanwhile, it became clear that at midnight the satellite service subscribers will be able to watch programs TV7 and Super 7. award of a license “Bulsatcom” Today companies suppliers of mobile telephony on the Bulgarian market are four with “Vivacom” ” Mobiltel “and” Globul. ” From newly licensed company announced that it will launch service to customers before the end of 2013, as is its duty under the law. So it can offer mobile services using base already gained subscribers TV and Internet linking and offering three services are already doing “Vivacom” and “M-Tel.” The cost of the license is lev 19 million already paid.

Given frequency is technologically neutral. The network will be built with the most modern technology in the fourth generation LTE combined with proven GSM and so will best respond to increasing standards of quality and affordable mobile Internet and voice service from consumers, says official release of “Bulsatcom”. The system will be built and put into operation in stages, as required by the permit. The first points of the coating is expected to be large cities and main roads.
According to the executive director of Maxim Zayakov “Bulsatcom” will seek greater market share and offer bundled services. 
Market penetration of the three existing GSM operators is 147%, which means that every Bulgarian accounted for 05.01 numbers. 
“We are Bulgarian company which deals with innovation. Easy do not have money – we rely on our customers and the services that we have built, whether their judgment are available, as well as bank financing,” said after receiving the license GSM operator Maxim Zayakov, CEO of “Bulsatcom” AD.
“Thanks to the work of our team and the support of our loyal customers over the last eight years we were able to work without increasing the price of its basic service. Believe that the technology is possible if all participants have a socially responsible company policy that are leading the customer, rather than quick profits that are transferred abroad. establishment of the new network is a natural extension of our commitment to provide our customers a broad range of services in the field of telecommunications balanced and affordable ” , said Zayakov.
Information coincides with the ongoing dispute between the satellite and the broadcasters price against which to distribute their programs.
After January 2 subscribers “Bulsatcom” do not have access to the programs of bTV Media Group, from midnight satellite operator customers will be able to watch programs and TV7 and Super 7. TV7 stop broadcasting programs Super7 TV7 and the operator “Bulsatcom” 0:00 pm on January 12, said in a statement on the website of the broadcaster. The information came after earlier today it became clear that the “Bulsatcom” TV7 offer to broadcast its programs in a single package with a single price, 35% of the collected fees are a television producer.
View more news in the blog: http://smartphones.bg/

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