Collapse of the shares of Apple

16 Jan




Apple shares plummeted again   

Shares of Apple went way down and the price reached a record minimum for the last 11 months. Currently one share in the company from Cupertino traded at 485 dollars, while last September the price had reached 705 dollars, and the company’s market capitalization reached record levels. Thus the trend of the last quarter of 2012 to deepen and apparently moved in the first quarter of the new year, as markets increasingly suspicious of the presentation of Apple without Steve Jobs. The price of shares and re-grow an already worth less than $ 500. Analysts commented that another price drop was caused by rumors of a decline in demand for current products as the iPhone 5, iOS software problems 6 and lack of genuinely innovative products. Observers have noted that recently Apple is content to run just slightly modified versions of its core products – iPad with a smaller screen and an iPhone with a larger display, without offering the public something truly revolutionary to the market situation changes . Currently the company from Cupertino is still the most expensive company in the world, but observers lost momentum from 2011 and 2012 and this is reflected by


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