Increasing market share of budget smartphones

16 Jan



End time smartphones were expensive and bizarre pleasure. Smart phones are now mass market phenomenon and numerous models are available, affordable for every budget. Evidence of the popularity of low-cost smartphones is the information that the budget line of Nokia Asha achieved greater success of Lumia, reported BBC. Moreover, sold Asha Series devices are twice more expensive smartphones with Windows Phone the Finnish mobile giant. At least according to data from the official report on the performance of Nokia in the last reported quarter. Meanwhile run Saga news with speculation that Apple prepares a budget iPhone, or not. First there were rumors that this phone will have. Then several major agencies released information that Apple’s official categorically denied, and finally it was also refuted, leaving the question open. market is now flooded with smartphones and small Chinese manufacturers offering devices with decent power, current versions of Android and very attractive prices. For less than one hundred Levs one could easily buy a nice smartphone with touchscreen and relatively powerful chip having separate kernel for calculating the graphs. The disadvantage of the cheaper models leave little RAM, but the low price fully offset this. expected this year to be registered boom in interest in inexpensive smartphones.


More news blog: http://smartphones. bg /


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