What tablet do I need?

8 Feb

 First you must know what you will use your tablet . This is most important if you do not have a lot of resources and have decided to optimize costs.

If you use a tablet to surf the web, browse photos and read the books, then your tablet is sufficient single-core processor at 1 GHz.
If the tablet you need to play games, but those with serious graphics, then you need one with at least 512 KB of RAM, and if games are serious and want to watch movies in high quality, then the minimum is 1 GB RAM. In this case, as a better processor, better.
The displays used in tablets are of two types – capacitive and resistive. Capacitive screens are more expensive, but more reliable, consume less power, due to which your tablet will last longer without recharging, and other benefits is that the display responds to both touch on a few toes. The advantage of the resistive screen is the price that is significantly lower than that of capacitive, but on the other hand, consumes more energy and can not push a couple of fingers simultaneously.
Modern tablet should maintain function multi-touch, which greatly facilitates the management of various applications, browsing, zooming in and the form of pictures or browser. With this function, the management of many games is more convenient.
Size matters. When the tablet blew constantly with you and read e-books, access the Internet and social networks, more convenient, and completely suitable tablet with a 7 – inch screen so you can easily fit it even in pockets ( and it’s cheaper). When you want the tablet to watch movies and play games, then you need one that is at least a 10 – inch display or larger, but these rates are not very comfortable when walking or traveling on public transport, and not Remember that every inch is paid.



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