It is illegal to unlock phones after January 26, 2013 in the U.S.A.

9 Feb




From now on in the U.S. enters into force a new law that owners of new smartphones are not allowed to unlock them without permission from the service provider. This is actually a new item to the law of digital copyright passed in 1998, which states that access content protected by copyright is illegal. Unlocking software on a phone fits in this Act as the rights to this software the mobile operator that sells the phone.

The new law only applies to smartphones purchased from now. All phones purchased before 26 January 2013 can be unlocked by users independently without risk of legal consequences. Of course, neotklyucheni smartphones will continue to be sold in the U.S., but as we all know, their prices are usually much higher than those of phones that are sold in the networks of mobile operators. According to the latest amendment to the law, a user smartphone only has a license to use the software on the phone. That is, it has no rights of ownership of the software and can not use it as you want. Opponents of the law stated that the amendment was prejudicial to competition in the market and contribute to the increase of e-waste, as consumers will have to buy a new smartphone every time you want to switch to another service provider.

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