Nokia will give up Symbian OS

9 Feb


PureView Nokia 808 is the latest smartphone with Symbian OS

Nokia today officially unveiled its financial results for the fourth quarter in the mobile sector investors. The data reveal that the company has managed to achieve an operating profit of $ 584 million for the period, and revenue from sales of smartphones and reached levels of $ 10.7 billion Finnish manufacturer also revealed that 4.4 million units delivered Lumia smartphones in the quarter and 2.2 million working with Symbian OS , inform techcrunch.
In parallel, the company unveiled and what are its future plans in the industry as once again demonstrated its strong commitment to the Windows Phone OS. Nokia officially announced that the unique smartphone PureView 808 , which features an impressive 41-megapixel camera, and is the last device running the Symbian OS. For the future, the company will completely abandon the platform, and that helped for many years to dominate comfortable in the sector.
In fact Symbian OS was the most popular mobile operating system in the world by 2011., when Android OS was faster, but the first version and was officially introduced in 1998. The information appears only a few days after we learned that Nokia plans to introduce the exhibition MWC 2013 next month a new smartphone WP8 OS, which also has a 41-megapixel PureView camera. Thus it seems that the company will use its unique technology to improve the attractiveness of their models with the platform Microsoft.

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