The name of HTC M7 can e HTC One

14 Feb


HTC M7 can be marketed as HTC One

I still do not know under what name will come to market new top model of HTC , which we expect to be presented Feb. 19, but the latest information says that you can say just One . This device is known by its code name M7 , and the information comes from the Twitter account @ evleaks, which so far has provided reliable data. In fact, in the video, in which we saw employees of HTC chanting the name M7 , then they went with the name HTC One . Perhaps this is related to last year’s series of devices, but it is possible to talking about the new model.

Meanwhile on Flickr image test was found, probably shot with the device. In its present name metadata HTC One and was filmed yesterday. Unfortunately the picture is not at maximum resolution, and it does not reveal more about the photographic possibilities of the camera. Already said that it can use technology Ultrapixel combining three sensors with a resolution of 4.3 MP.
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