LG Smartphones at MWC 2013 with four series

5 Mar


 The biggest mystery to the F-Series

Company LG recently announced that it will present to users several new series smartphones. For one of them we’ve learned – it’s stylish L-Series II. A new teaser video hinting Korean company for the others. So, in addition to the L-series (styLe), we can expect more F-series (Freedom), V-Series (View) and G-Series (Greatness). Of course, LG did not reveal any details about the new products, so it remains only guess what lies behind these letters.

V-Series, these are probably huge range of smartphones Vu. So far the company has presented two models – Optimus Vu and Optimus Vu 2. Probably the MWC 2013 will appear and the third member of that line. C G-series also seems everything is clear – these are flagship smartphone with impressive features. 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro, presented recently in Korea, will apparently arrive in Barcelona. Then you will learn and the time for its appearance in Europe.

And still F-series – now it is the biggest mystery. But if the outcome of the word “freedom” and what we see in the video, we can assume that it is a completely new line designed for adventurers. Is it likely that smartphones are protected from water and dust. But recall that this is just an option and nothing has been officially confirmed. It remains to wait until Feb. 25, when LG will reveal all the secrets.


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