The price of HTC One will be 600 Euro

5 Mar

 This will be the price of the unlocked version, and applies only to models with 32GB internal memory.



NTS One is the new high-end smartphone of the company, which was presented at a special event on February 19. The model has a very robust features that HTC and expect to afford to expand its market share in the sector. The device features an attractive design and is also the first to have a camera based technology UltraPixel.
O t androidcentral now informed that NTS One is now available for pre-order consumers in the U.S. and UK. Due to this we mean that the price of the smartphone in the European market is expected to be approximately EUR 600 for the unlocked version. The amount applies only to models with 32GB of internal memory as the device with 64 GB can not be bought in Europe.
The most attractive specifications HTC O ne is 4.7-inch Full HD display with a density of 469 ppi, which is complemented by a Gorilla Glass cover and two new interface Sense 5.0. RAM is 2 GB, the device is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 300 processor Qualcomm. HTC One will debut on the market with support for Android 4.1.2 OS, but later provided an update to the newest version of the platform.
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