Extreme waterproof smartphone Seals TS3

14 Apr

  New price shock, dust and waterproof smartphone Seals TS3
 Extreme smartphone Seals TS3 is especially suited for harsh environments ( IP68 certification s) and materials in the most advanced technology, it is tested and certified to U.S. Military Standards MIL-STD 810G . Phone Seals TS3 is extreme smartphone running Android operating system and has a built-in GPS function and holds positioning location at the touch of a button. This allows you to send your location to five preset phone numbers if they are in trouble or need help. 
Extreme smartphone Seals TS3

Seals TS3 has a function to suppress noise, waterproof camera, digital compass, altimeter, pedometer, and built-in flashlight. IP68 – withstands up to 2 meters under water for 1 hour; – works with 2 SIM cards – Send an SOS message with GPS coordinates with just one click; – Flashlight with SOS Morse signal – E-compass barometer, thermometer, altimeter, pedometer. http://smartphones.bg/smartphones-news/view/122

Extreme smartphon Seals TS3

Telefon SEALS-TS3


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