HTC One can not be repaired

14 Apr

 The phone can not be disassembled and then assembled successfully

iFixit, who are our guide in the repair of various mobile devices are ready and disassembly of the much anticipated HTC One , but it was a tough nut to crack than you might imagine. On the hull has no screws and iFixit, they have had to use a heat gun, metal cup and spatula to open the phone, remove the screen. However, this has not proved successful approach and the team was forced to devote much time to separate the aluminum back panel plastic insert, and from the pictures it is clear that this happened at the expense of her form inside however, the situation is more different since most of the components are coated with a thin copper sheet, which is difficult to be removed. However, there may now be a few screws the pair that connects the battery connector to the board, for example. IFixit conclusion is that the phone can not be disassembled and then assembled successfully, so it gets an assessment unit for this indicator on a scale from 1 to 10, but that hardly anyone will go without doing it. According to their solid design increases the strength of the phone. entire process by iFixit disassembly of HTC One can track on their website: As a bonus, applying and observations of Chipworks, who found that the camera is made ​​of.

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