Software problem in protecting Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II

14 Apr

 There is a hack that allows access to the device and PIN enabled


In one of the most popular phones on the market, Samsung Galaxy S III , again a software security problems. A few days ago had appeared hack that allows access to the device, even when turned PIN protection. It does not provide access for a long time and is very reliable. Now, a new weakness, resembling the above, it has also been found practically around the protection of the lock screen. ‘s how it works: from the lock screen button “emergency call”. Then quickly press the emergency contacts (bottom left), and then the home screen button. If you have completed the steps correctly, the next time you press the lock button, it will take you to the home screen-a. aware that this method does not always work. Perhaps you need at least 10 attempts before you achieve success. Furthermore, if the automatic rotation of the screen is on, the chance is greater. It is strange that although you have access to all applications and menu bar notifications remained unavailable. This problem occurs for devices running Android 4.1.2 . (And now it appears that works on Samsung Galaxy Note II .) So, keep in mind that if you have any of these devices are not fully protected. However, Samsung should respond soon.

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