Sonim – phones for lovers of an active lifestyle

14 Apr

 Sonim phones are truly iron sets

Sonim - phones for lovers of active image of life

Many of you like to go on vacations to visit beautiful places, or generally speaking – to lead an active image of life. When we have such extreme places, we also need a mobile phone, but they should have slightly different characteristics. Now let’s take a look together, what are the main advantages of phones Sonim and what they can impress us. 

High grade industrial protection
For starters these machines conform to the international standard IP86 , which means they are fully protected against water and dust. They also have the standard of the Ministry of Defense MIL-810G . These are the first phones that are able to withstand the most extreme operating conditions, such as a fall of more than 3 meters swimming in water up to two meters deep, run over by car, shooting a gun or any other most severe test of strength . With one word to these features we can boldly say that the Sonim phones will justify your every expectation and will be always with you, wherever you are on the planet. 
Extreme operating conditions
Sonim phones are truly iron sets and will surely survive the harshest conditions of use. This is a guarantee that they will cope with the most extreme tests: Thin and high temperatures, power and mechanical effects, increased humidity and even immersion in water. Apparatus Sonim no equal and are the leaders in their phones for lovers of active image of life. They will be an excellent tool for people who love traveling and ekspeditsiit. You will always have a relationship with your family and friends in the rain or under the hot sun, on land and water, at work or rest, or in a word, everywhere where there is coverage. 
Sonim - phones for lovers of active life image of Land Rover 2
Double protective case and screen protective glass Gorilla Glass
Stylish and rugged housings phones Sonim is made ​​of special glass which is increased protection from scratch and short body is reinforced to perfection. Moreover, it is perfectly airtight, this ensures that you will not enter any liquid into the phone. Though Sonim phones are so powerful design and unusual appearance, their dimensions are compact, and with it are minor. 

Sonim - phones for lovers of active image of life XP1300
Long time operation without additional protection
Not least is the advantage of phones Sonim, they can last up to 15 hours of talk time and up to 1000 hours without the use of a lot. There is no one device on the market today that can handle this task and compare it with that characteristic patterns of Sonim.
If you like active image of life, you must need a similar mobile phones. They will never let you down, or if you drop them to “bathe” in the river, or if hammering nails with them.

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